Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to JoCo

So, I decided earlier today that I was going to escape my normal confines of hippie-town and head a little further east to Leawood. Pete was working tonight (I think they scheduled him for 13 hours today) and I thought...why not? The place is kinda strange...deathly quiet and filled with giant flat screen televisions (2 of which make up their menu board). The one tv that could be used for actual entertainment is apparently a billboard for upcoming events (such as 'Speed Dating' cause nothing says coffee like trying to find love in 2 minutes). There's also no art on the wall. It's kind of a coffee shop pet peeve of mine, but they just opened recently so I won't be too harsh on that one. They at least chose pleasant earthtone colors so it's ok without it. I'm drinking something called 'Black Lightning', which I had expected to be something akin to Ad Astra (our darkest blend ever that has a fragrance reminiscent to cat urine). It's actually 'not wretched'. That's the best endorsement I can give it at this point. Hey. When you're expecting cat piss and it's palatable it's easy to be impressed. While I refuse to actually name this coffee shop, I will post some pictures provided by my inside source.

This is 'carrot cake'. That is a jumbo muffin for reference.

Calories/slice- 2100, fat- 150g, protien- 21g?

This is what coffee looks like when you buy it from 'not PT's'....
well, that's not entirely true :) But definitely in this case.

Bagels in a gross....why the hell not?

I'm not quite sure how he does it. I don't know that I could put aside my coffee ethics and work with coffee that can be described as 'not too bad' at best. I mean, I know that there are things in life that transcend great coffee. And for the record, I am in no way bashing his decision. I get the logic...I just don't know that I would be able to handle having access to free coffee that is clearly over roasted. I guess if there were a good purpose behind it and I felt like it was 'where I was supposed to be', it wouldn't matter...and I would find ways to drink good coffee. Anyway....
So, my job where there is good coffee. It's crizazy right now. I am constantly exhausted and always scrambling to finish each day. I have to say that it is exciting. I have a hard time believing that I have actually been there going on nine years. It's rather incredible really...and I'm not even 30. When I look at the things I have done and places I have travelled to, I amazed at where this whole coffee thing has taken me. I have been to over ten states and Jeff is in the midst of planning my first trip to origin. I will be going to the Los Mercedes plantation in El Salvdor early next year. I also have to take a moment to realize my accomplishments. I generally sell myself short, but I have, by way of my activities and involvements, become more than just a coffee slinger. It's crazy to think about. Anyway...I am at a hoity toity event making direct trade coffees so I must go. I have been leaching off of the hotel signal :) (and also, I started this blog last night and decided I finally had time to finish it)
Till next time...

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